Saturday, 11 August 2012

Two or three things I know about her and the plan to run away

The two or three things that I know about her:

1. I will never have a separate drawer for tops and bottoms. They begin that way, but eventually a skirt and a top once worn as an outfit will sit together in a drawer and will never be worn together again.

2. I will never not finish a book. With a brand new pile of five recently purchased and recently pressed books from Waterstones, I will always persist and finish the unconvincing dusty paperback I found at the Bridgend book market. Mainly because I will feel bad for it if I don't. It was recently purchased and newly pressed once after all. 

3. I will never be content here, not ever. As far-fetched and over-romantic my family and the nice people at the Job Centre may regard it, I want nothing more than to move far far away to a bigger city, so the things I want have a better chance of becoming realised.

So for now I will be using this blog as a documentation of the progress of my plan to run away. I'm sure I can expect some big hurdles and days where I will want to run away less and days where I want to run away more. We'll see 


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