Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Two or three signs that I will fail in the business world

My genius business plan 

So I have decided that to make some space in my over-crowded bedroom by banishing some of my books to faraway lands across the United Kingdom. I previously sold books a few summers ago, but since I have now completed my history degree the books I have for sale are more flashy and shiny and will hopefully make more money.

Two or three things you should know about this venture-

1. It is a definite necessity, since I really am running out of space and the books are taking over.

2. The work this venture requires isn't particularly strenuous and won't be too distracting from my larger plans. 

3. I do realise that this isn't a long term solution, or a short term one for that matter.

So far I have made a total of £28.42 from five books, definitely enough to buy a house 



  1. It all looks so good now! I'm so glad you can buy the house for us :)

  2. Thank you! It took me many hours. I know, you're going to be such a kept woman now that I'm so rich :)